Photography has always been my passion. Once my youngest of 4 was grown I decided to take this passion to the next level and open a Boutique Style Studio, Barb Zappia photography which is located in Granger which is near South Bend , Indiana.
I consider my style as being more real life or journalistic. At Barb Zappia photography we believe that the best  portrait doesn’t always have to be the one where the subject is looking at the camera and smiling. I love to catch that unique  interaction between my subjects, their laughter or those “special looks”.
Capturing personalities is also important to me… whether it be the toddler’s mischievous look, the high school senior’s glamour, or the love between the newly married couple. Just knowing that I am stopping  a moment in time for my clients, that will be shared for generations, puts a huge smile on my face.

These are a few of my “loves”…

I love working with new parents and their little gift from God.
I love Starbucks nonfat iced lattes.
I love ice cream.
I love summer.
I love meeting new people.
I love wearing flip flops.
When you visit barb Zappia photography you will hear my favorite music playing in the studio…
I love County Music.
I love how close we are as a family.
I can go on and on but will stop here.
Thank you for your visit!

Call us at 574.276.5638

We would love to meet you!

Barb Zappia photography is located near South Bend, Indiana at
15970 Ashville Lane
Granger, Indiana